PhraseExpander 5 (Early Access Program)

What is the PhraseExpander 5 Early Access Program?
We are providing early access to the upcoming version of PhraseExpander so you can test and verify how the new version is working for you. 
PhraseExpander v5 BETA is opened to everyone. You can download it here. If you already have a customer and your upgrade protection has expired, you can renew it (or request a new trial extension).

How do I install PhraseExpander BETA?
Simply run the installer. PhraseExpander, by default, will install PhraseExpander v.5 BETA in a separate folder and migrate and convert your data from v.4. We have made quite extensive changes to the macro language so some phrases might not work properly after the migration. Please check for macro language changes here.

Should I use PhraseExpander 5 BETA in a production environment?
Please don't. We are still squashing bugs and things might not work as expected.

Can I run PhraseExpander v.4 and v.5 at the same time?
Yes, you can but do this only to verify that your data has been migrated properly. But please, make sure that, when you are detecting keystrokes, only one of them is running, otherwise you might end up with unpredictable results. To run both v4 and v5 at the same time, you'd need to start PhraseExpander 4 first and then PhraseExpander 5.

Will I be able to go back to v4 after trying v5?
Yes, but you'll not be able to move the data imported in v.5 back. That means that the changes you made to your data in v5 will not be available in v4. But please keep in mind that you'll be able to continue using v4 as the original database is preserved.

Note: once you have migrated your data to v.5 you'll still be able to use PhraseExpander 4 as the database and settings are saved with a different filename. The data you have in v4 will not be modified by the installation of PhraseExpander 5.

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