How to use a variable defined in a different template

The variables that you have defined in a template are, by default, accessible in that template only.

You can reuse the variables defined in other templates by adding the template that contains them as a reference.

This will give you access to those variables as if they were local.

NOTE: Using referenced templates lets you define your variables only once and make them available in multiple templates. Once you need to make a change, you can do that in a single place.

To add a referenced template


Make sure you have a template selected in the Quick edit or the Editor


Open the Manage variables window by clicking on  Variables → Manage (or press F8)

Click on Edit referenced templates link to open the Referenced templates window


Choose the template that contains the variables you want to use. Select it and add it to the list of the referenced templates (or double-click on it).
PhraseExpander will automatically ask to assign an ID to the template if missing.

The list of referenced templates is displayed in the right-pane.


The new variables contained in the referenced templates are added. The green arrow indicates that the variables are defined in a referenced template.

The variables are available to use as if they were defined locally in the template

To remove a referenced template

In the Edit variables window, click on Edit referenced templates link to open the Referenced templates window.

Select the referenced template you want to remove and click on the X button. Then click OK to confirm.

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