Formatting issues in Word or Outlook

This guide explains how to troubleshoot the following scenario that applies when:

  1. You are running a formatted template
  2. The template looks fine inside PhraseExpander
  3. The text looks messed up (all uppercase, missing spaces, bolder letters) in Microsoft Word or Outlook

This issue affects the formatted templates that have been modified with PhraseExpander from v.5.3.0 to v.5.3.2

NOTE: This issue affects even users with a more recent version of PhraseExpander if the template had been changed in a faulty version.

To fix your formatted template


Make sure you are running the latest version of PhraseExpander by clicking on Help → Check for updates (it must be at least v.5.4.0)


Select the text in the Editor (which looks like it's formatted properly)


Copy it in Microsoft Word. It will be displayed with the wrong formatting.


Fix the formatting by clicking on the Remove Formatting button and apply the desired formatting


Copy and paste the text back into the PhraseExpander editor. Now the template should work fine.

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