Automatic glossary updates for non-admin users

In large installations, it's quite common to have a small set of users with the ability to edit templates and another set that will have only read-only access mode.

Once you have set up your groups of admin and read-only users, you can set PhraseExpander to ensure that read-only users will always get the latest version, while admins will validate the changes from other admins before accepting.

How to set up automatic updates for read-only users

Edit the PhraseExpander static configuration file PhraseExpander.exe.config, and ensure it contains the AutoupdateLinked statement as shown below. By setting it to readonly, it forces the update for read-only users only.

Admin users will manage updates manually and will retain full control of which changes to accept or reject.

<?xml version="1.0"?> 
	<add key="AutoupdateLinked" value="readonly"/>   

The file must be copied into the installation folder of each machine (or put in a single place where the application is located, if you are using Citrix or Terminal Services).

If there are pending remote changes, they are applied when the application window is minimized.

NOTE: this functionality is available only in PhraseExpander Enterprise.
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