Instant template execution

The preferred way of triggering phrases with PhraseExpander is by using a confirmation key. This works hand in hand with our SmartComplete text autocomplete technology that allows you to expand abbreviations after typing only a few keystrokes.

This system is pretty fast (as you almost never need to type the entire abbreviation) but, sometimes, this is not fast enough, as you may have some phrases that you use a lot and you want to be able to insert them super fast. 

So, we have also offer Instant Execution, which lets you trigger a phrase by typing the associated abbreviation, without requiring the confirmation key.

How to activate Instant Execution for a Phrase

Here’s how you can setup a phrase for Instant Execution.

  1. When you create or edit a phrase, click on the Instant Execution button 
  2. The abbreviation of the phrase will be displayed in RED
  3. When you type the abbreviation, PhraseExpander will expand the associated phrase immediately without requiring any confirmation key
  4. This is the fastest way to trigger the phrases you use most often
  5. In the example below, we have setup a phrase so that the Calculator is started immediately after you type the clc abbreviation

Instant execution

When should you use Instant Execution?

When you need to trigger your phrases really fast. Make sure that the short you have defined has a prefix – like _ – to make sure that the phrase is not triggered when you don’t want to.

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