How to install a glossary

Glossaries contain a set of templates and can be easily shared between PhraseExpander users.

They have the peglo file extension.

This tutorial explains how you can import a glossary into PhraseExpander.

To import a glossary


Select the  Import tab and click on Glossary

Choose the glossary file to import, with the peglo extension (you can also import an old glossary in v.4 format with the ipglo extension).

PhraseExpander displays the Import confirmation window where you can choose the destination and the appropriate settings.

The Import glossary confirmation window

New glossary creates a new glossary in the glossaries list
Existing glossary imports the current glossary into an existing one (you can optionally create a new group). You can also clear the target glossary (this will delete all the templates that are in the destination glossary)


The new glossary is added to the glossaries list. PhraseExpander will automatically detect if the glossary you are importing is a  template glossary or an autocorrect glossary and put it into the appropriate section automatically.

TIP: you can add a glossary to PhraseExpander by double-clicking on the glossary file. This will trigger the  Import confirmation window.
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