The generated text is not sent to the target application

By default, PhraseExpander sends the text by simulating typed keystrokes.

It sends them one by one as if you were typing on the keyboard yourself. 

The only difference is that keystrokes are sent at greater speed. 

And with some software, especially if they are hosted remotely or on terminal services, this could cause some issues, like:

  • templates could be sent incompletely
  • the text could be garbled or cut off

To solve this, set PhraseExpander to always send the text by using the Clipboard, so the entire template is always sent as a single block.

You also need to make sure that the text is sent to the proper target application if you are using dynamic forms.

How to set PhraseExpander to always send the text by using the Clipboard


Click on File → Options and choose the Execution tab.


In the Sending text section, click on Using the Clipboard

NOTE: in certain scenarios, especially when using legacy applications, PhraseExpander cannot restore the focus to the original control, and the text is not inserted. Click on the field you want to paste the text into and type CTRL V to insert the text.

Ensure that the Input Form is sending the text to the proper target window

If the template is using variables or section macros, it will display the Input Form that you must fill in before the generated text is sent to the target application.

Make sure that the name of the proper destination application is selected in the target window.

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