Change capitalization based on the typed abbreviation

PhraseExpander can automatically adapt the expanded template (or autocorrect) based on how you are typing the abbreviation.

So, you can define a template with lowercase content and adapt it automatically (setting it to uppercasesentence case or title case), just by typing the same abbreviation with different casing.

Let's consider this template and let's see how the output that PhraseExpander generates changes based on the typed abbreviation.

Template: for your information
Abbreviation: fyi

No case change

Type the abbreviation:


no case change

Convert to uppercase

Type the abbreviation:


Convert to uppercase

Convert to sentence case

Type the abbreviation:


Convert to sentence case

Convert to title case

Type the abbreviation


convert to title case

NOTE: For title casing to work, the abbreviation must have at least 3 letters and they must be typed as a  lowercase, uppercase, lowercase sequence. The title case works only with phrases (it doesn't work with autocorrects).

To disable casing auto-adapting

If you don't want PhraseExpander to adapt the text based on the abbreviation, Click on File → Options → Execution and uncheck Adapt template casing to typed abbreviation.

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