Change capitalization based on the typed abbreviation

PhraseExpander can automatically adapt the expanded template (or autocorrect) based on how you are typing the abbreviation.

So, you can define a template with lowercase content and adapt it automatically (setting it to uppercasesentence case or title case), just by typing the same abbreviation with a different casing.

Let's consider this template and let's see how the output that PhraseExpander generates changes based on the typed abbreviation.

Template: for your information
Abbreviation: fyi

No case change

Type the abbreviation:


no case change

Convert to uppercase

Type the abbreviation:


Convert to uppercase

Convert to sentence case

Type the abbreviation:


Convert to sentence case

Convert to title case

Type the abbreviation


convert to title case

NOTE: For title casing to work, the abbreviation must have at least 3 letters and they must be typed as a  lowercase, uppercase, lowercase sequence. The title case works only with phrases (it doesn't work with autocorrects).

To disable casing auto-adapting

If you don't want PhraseExpander to adapt the text based on the abbreviation, Click on File → Options → Execution and uncheck Adapt template casing to typed abbreviation.

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