File format changes

PhraseExpander 5 has a new database and glossary file format to support the new features and to make all the loading and writing operations faster. The extension of those files has also changed.

Database file

The database file has the pedb extension (it was ipdb in v.4). The database contains all the templates, autocorrects and glossaries.

Glossary file

The Glossary file has the peglo extension (it was ipglo in v.4) and contains a single glossary. The Glossary file is used when you want to export a single glossary (or a set of templates) and to share data with your team, via a shared glossary.

Backup file

PhraseExpander 5 introduces a new type of file: the PhaseExpander Backup file, with extension pebk. A backup file contains the entire contents of the database. PhraseExpander will automatically perform backups of your data daily but you can also create backups manually. You can easily restore your backups from the Backup manager.

Configuration file

The configuration file PhraseExpander.cfg, which contains the user settings, is now stored in the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\PhraseExpander\v5 folder
Most of your settings will be migrated automatically from v.4 to v.5 but you might need to make little adjustments. 

Stats database file

The stats database PhraseExpander.stats, which contains the templates usage statistics, is stored in the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\PhraseExpander\v5 folder

Note: PhraseExpander 5 can open the glossaries and databases created with PhraseExpander 4 but you cannot read PhraseExpander 5 files with PhraseExpander 4. To exchange databases or glossary files, all users must upgrade to PhraseExpander 5.
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