Save extra keystrokes with Smart spacing

SmartSpace automatically inserts a space character when required, after you have executed a template.

This is especially useful when using PhraseExpander to autocomplete terms or insert short blocks of text, or triggering many abbreviations in sequence (which is a common scenario for transcriptionists).

How Smart spacing works


Execute your template normally by typing the abbreviation followed by the SHIFT key (or your confirmation key). The template will expand normally.


After the template has been expanded, do not type the SPACE character but continue typing the beginning of the next word. PhraseExpander will automatically add the required space for you. So, one extra character saved! (in the example below, PhraseExpander automatically inserts the space character, as you start typing can).

SmartSpace automatically inserts a space for you

Note: PhraseExpander will add the extra space only if required. For example, if you are typing a space or any punctuation mark, no extra space will be added.

To activate SmartSpace


Click on File → Options


Click the Execution and check Smart spacing and then OK to save.

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