From manual inputs to variables

One of the biggest changes from v4 to v5 is in how Manual Inputs (now called variables) work.

When moving from v4 to v5, PhraseExpander will automatically convert Manual Inputs to variables.

  1. Variables can contain simple blocks of text (text variable) or could display prompt to request additional information (fill-in variables).
  2. They have a new syntax. In the template, you'll only see a placeholder instead of a block of code. This will make the template easier to read.

  3. And to edit the variable, all you have to do is double-click on its placeholder.
  4. You can reuse the variable in your template by inserting the placeholder (clicking on Variables → Browse)
  5. You can see and edit all the variables defined in the template by clicking on the Manage variables button

To insert a variable

  1. Right-click in the template and choose Variables → Browse and choose the variable that you want to insert
  2. Alternatively, you can create a new variable by right-clicking in the template and choosing Variables → New fill-in

PhraseExpander will insert the placeholder in the template. You can see the results in the Test Pad by clicking on the Test button.

No need to use the Input form macro anymore

The Input form macro has been removed as it's no longer required as PhraseExpander will display a single form to insert all the additional information.

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