Using interactive macros (v5)

Interactive macros are used to control the flow when executing your template.

They can perform different tasks:

  1. Send keystrokes (key) (e.g. sending TABs to populate multiple fields in a form)
  2. Pause the execution of the template (wait)
  3. Launch applications (run) and open websites (url)
  4. Activating a specific window (focus)
  5. Compose an email (mail)

They are displayed with a different color in the editor.

Position cursor

The position cursor is a special macro that moves the cursor in a specific place after the template has been executed.

This comes especially handy when you need to insert tags and you want the typing position to be between the tags.

To insert a cursor placeholder, click on the Position cursor button.

NOTE: Interactive macros are available only in plain text templates. They are displayed verbatim (unprocessed) in the Input form as they are executed when the text is sent to the target application.

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