Creating optional sections with the section macro

The section macro lets you create optional sections that you can enable/disable by clicking on a checkbox.

The section can contain text, variables or other macros.

This is useful if you want to create a template with different blocks that might not be used every time.

NOTE: The section is controlled manually by clicking on a checkbox (but you can decide if it's enabled or not when the Input Form is first displayed). If you want a template block to be shown/hidden based on the value of a variable, use the if macro instead.

To create a new section


In the template editor, right-click in the position where you want to enter a new section and choose Flow → Section.


Enter the contents of the section (it can contain plain text, macros and variables. Right-click to insert variables or macros.


You can check the Start as hidden box if you want the section to be hidden when the template is executed.


Assign a  Label that will be displayed in the Input Form to identify the section. You can also add additional instructions that are displayed when the section is visible. They come handy to guide the operator when filling in the form (when the Input form is shown)

To edit an existing section


Double-click on the section macro definition to open it in edit. Make the desired changes and click OK to confirm.

NOTE: You can use formatted text inside a section. Just make sure that you are making edits directly inside the document. If you open the macro editor (by double-clicking on the section macro), formatting will be lost.
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