Installing a custom dictionary

PhraseExpander comes with a spell checker that automatically checks the spelling of the selected template.

You can add custom dictionaries (in the  dic format) to PhraseExpander to add domain-specific terms (you can buy a medical dictionary containing +60,000 terms).

NOTE: If you are buying the PhraseExpander medical dictionary, it's provided as a zip file and you need to uncompress it before following the instructions below.

To install a custom dictionary


In PhraseExpander, click on the Spell checker icon and select Add custom dictionary...


Select the custom dictionary file ( dic extension) you want to add (e.g. medical.dic)

Click OK to confirm. The new dictionary is added and available inside the application
NOTE: The custom dictionary can be installed only in PhraseExpander Professional or PhraseExpander Enterprise

Installing the custom dictionary in Microsoft Word

The dictionary can be installed in Microsoft Word and made available in Microsoft Office applications.

  1. In Microsoft Word, go to Options, choose Spelling and corrections, and then custom dictionaries.
  2. Click on new to add the medical dictionary.

Here's the Microsoft official guide on how to add custom dictionaries in Word.

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