Duplicate variables are present in the template

We discovered an issue with the Manage Variables window that could create duplicate variables when adding a new variable.

That affects the following versions of PhraseExpander (check the release history here):


With any of those versions, when creating a new variable in the Manage variables window, PhraseExpander could create a duplicate.

This prevents the template from executing and causes the application to crash.

Update to the latest version of PhraseExpander

Please, download the latest version of PhraseExpander.

Even if you are running a version of PhraseExpander that doesn't have the bug, the problem might still if duplicates were created with the previous version.

How to fix the duplicate variables

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have updated to the latest version of PhraseExpander first before following this procedure

When you try executing a template that contains duplicate variables, PhraseExpander will show you an error message (v. or above) or crash (v., v., v., v., v.

The error message will tell you the name of the variable.

To fix this, you need to remove the duplicate variable


Open the Manage Variable window by clicking on Variables → Manage


You'll see one or more duplicate variables, with a red background color


To remove it, you need to first rename it. Click on the variable name and choosing a different one


Remove the variable by clicking on Remove


Repeat the procedure for all the other duplicate variables (if present) and then click OK to save

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