Running PhraseExpander in applications that require admin privileges

To detect the typed keystrokes in an application, PhraseExpander must have the same (or higher) privileges of that application you want to detect keystrokes in.

If you are typing inside an application that has Admin privileges (this can happen with remote or Citrix applications, sometimes), PhraseExpander will not be able to detect what you are typing there, and will show a little warning message. PhraseExpander is not able to detect abbreviations in the application

How to launch PhraseExpander as admin

You can force PhraseExpander to run as admin, thus allowing it to work in the applications that have been run with admin privileges.

To launch PhraseExpander as admin


Make sure that PhraseExpander is not running. Close it by clicking on File → Exit.


Find the PhraseExpander icon (on the Desktop or in the Programs menu)


Right-click on it and click on Run as admin

How to execute PhraseExpander as admin at startup

You cannot set PhraseExpander to automatically run as Admin by default, but if you are tech savvy you can check this article that explains a workaround.

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