Adapt the template wording based on the gender

Thanks to its advanced macro language, PhraseExpander can adapt the pronouns in your template (based on the gender), to make your text feel more natural.

We have prepared a special Autogender template that provides you with preset variables that you can immediately include in your templates.

How to set up your template for auto adapt to gender


Once you download the Autogender glossary above, two templates are added, which contains  2 templates (the Autogender template and an example that demonstrates how to use it).


Select the template you want to use the Autogender variables in and open the Manage variables window by right-clicking in the editor and choosing Variables > Manage...


Click on Edit referenced templates


From the References to external templates, select the Autogender template and add it to the list of referenced templates.


Click OK to confirm


The referenced variables are shown with a special icon, to clearly indicate that they belong to a different template. Now your variables are ready to use.

NOTE: Referenced variables are stored in the template that contains them (not in the local one). When making changes to them all the templates that use them will be affected.

How to use autogender variables in your template

Once you have imported the glossary and added it as a reference, you can use the variables in your template


To enter a variable, when inside the editor, click on Variables → Browse and choose the desired variable


Compose your template in the masculine and use variables instead of pronouns as follows.

he → {{he}}
him → {{him}}
his → {{his}}
Mr → {{mr}}<br>

If the pronouns are positioned at the beginning of a sentence and need to be with the first letter in uppercase, you can adapt the variable casing as follows.

He → {{he t}}
Him → {{him t}}
His → {{his t}}<br>

When you execute the template, PhraseExpander will ask you to enter the gender and will adapt the result accordingly.

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