Organizing templates in glossaries and groups

You can easily organize your templates and autocorrects in glossaries and groups (for templates only).

What's the difference between glossaries and groups?

  • They both provide a way to organize your templates inside a glossary
  • Glossaries can be of type template or autocorrect
  • Glossaries can be shared with other people via linked glossaries
  • Glossaries are top-level and can contain groups and templates
  • Groups are created inside glossaries and they can contain other groups or templates
  • Groups can be created only inside template glossaries

To create a new glossary

Click the  New Glossary button. The glossary is created at the bottom of the list of glossaries

To create a new group

Click the New Group button. The group is created inside the selected glossary or group.

To move glossaries and groups into a different parent

Drag and drop the glossary or group into the desired target.

To convert a group into a glossary, drag the at the desired position inside the glossary list.

To move templates between glossaries or groups

Drag and drop templates into the new glossary or group.

Reordering glossaries

Drag glossaries up and down by grabbing their icon to change their order.

NOTE: Groups are automatically ordered alphabetically and they cannot be reordered (only moved inside other glossaries or groups)
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