Disabling unwanted autocorrects

PhraseExpander autocorrects your spelling mistakes in two ways:

  1. Picking from the list of autocorrects you have explicitly installed from the predefined libraries of PhraseExpander, or the ones you created yourself
  2. Using automatic corrections

Custom list of Autocorrects

You can create many sets of autocorrects inside PhraseExpander. 

If they are active (green check mark) they will trigger the appropriate substitution when the misspelled text is typed.

Automatic corrections

PhraseExpander automatically corrects your typing in the following scenarios:

  1. Double uppercase at the beginning of a word: WElcome -> Welcome
  2. Inverted uppercase and lowercase chars (this happens when forgetting CAPS LOCK is on): wELCOME -> Welcome

How to disable a specific automatic correction

  1. Display the autocorrect glossaries
  2. Click on New Autocorrect button
  3. Enter the word or phrase you want to leave as is in the Misspelled text and leave the Correct field blank, as shown below

Adding this item prevents PhraseExpander from correcting JQuery to Jquery.

How to disable all automatic corrections

  1. Click on File → Options → Execution
  2. Disable the two items under the Autocorrect section as shown below

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