Autocorrect spelling mistakes

You can correct spelling mistakes and typos in any applications, by using PhraseExpander Autocorrects. 

PhraseExpander comes with a built-in library of the most common misspellings in English and many other languages.

How autocorrects are triggered

Autocorrects are triggered when the misspelled text is typed when the end of the word is detected. That is after the space character, a punctuation mark or a new line is typed.

To change how PhraseExpander detects the end of the word, edit the  Trailing delimiters in File → Options → Suggestions

Adding autocorrects

  1. In the Glossaries pane, click on Autocorrects
  2. Click on the New Autocorrect button
  3. Enter the Misspelled text and the Correct

If the Inside word option is checked, PhraseExpander will substitute the Misspelled text without waiting for a separator character (like space or a punctuation character).

Install the predefined libraries

PhraseExpander comes with a free set of autocorrects containing the most common spelling mistakes in many languages.

To install them:

  1. In the Home Tab, click on Download free autocorrects
  2. Click on Download for each glossary that you want to install
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