Share your templates between your home and office machines

This guide explains how you can share your entire database (which contains all your glossaries, templates and autocorrects) between two computers.

We describing the steps needed to share your phrases with Dropbox, but you can do the same thing by using any other cloud service (like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive) or even a shared folder that resides on your server.

NOTE: This method is not suitable if more than one user is making changes to the templates at the same time as data corruption might occur.
If more than one user needs to share data, you shall use shared glossaries instead.

We assume the following:

  1. You have two computers you want to share your entire library of phrases. We are calling them Office PC and Home PC
  2. The most updated version of your library is on your Home PC (and you want to transfer that to your Office PC)
  3. Dropbox is running and properly set up on both machines

How to set up database sharing with Dropbox


On your Home PC click on File → Move to... and choose a folder inside your Dropbox folder (e.g. PhraseExpander)

Move database

PhraseExpander will move the database file (by default called PhraseExpanderData.pedb) into that location.


On your Office PC click on File → Move to... and select the same location

PhraseExpander will ask for confirmation. Click on Use data in folder

Now you are all set and your database will be kept in sync between those two computers.

When you are now making changes on your Office PC, the changes will be sent to Dropbox and a message will pop up on your Home PC to notify that the database has changed, offering you the option to update it. 

The same thing will happen if you are making changes to your Home PC.

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