PhraseExpander Evaluation

What are the limitations of the PhraseExpander trial?
The trial is fully functional and has the same features of the registered version of PhraseExpander Professional edition. The only limitation is that the software stops operating after 21 days of use.

When I purchase PhraseExpander will all my template and autocorrects be preserved?
Yes. When you enter your license key you'll find all your data there.
What's the difference between the Standard, Professional and Medical edition?
PhraseExpander Professional is our most feature-rich edition, especially suitable for companies and professionals: it offers all the features of PhraseExpander Standard plus the ability to share data and creating powerful fill-in-the-blanks templates and more. The Medical Edition is reserved for healthcare professionals. See a detailed list of the differences between the editions here.
The trial has expired too early. How can I get an extension?
If you didn't manage to properly test PhraseExpander during the trial, ask for a trial extension. We will send you a new trial license so that you can continue your evaluation.
Does PhraseExpander run on my Mac, iPhone or iPad?
PhraseExpander works on all editions of Microsoft Windows only, so it will not run on your Mac or any mobile devices like the iPad or the iPhone. However, if you want to run PhraseExpander on a Mac, you can do it using any Windows emulation software like VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop.

Is the installer available as MSI?
Yes, the PhraseExpander installation file is available as EXE and MSI file. Please download it here.

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