PhraseExpander Customers

How long does it take to receive the license code?
License keys are automatically sent upon completion of the order process. You should receive yours within a few minutes. If you haven't received it in a couple of hours, please check your spam folder. If you believe something is wrong with your order, please contact our customer support.

Do you have a copy of my data?
No, we don't store any of your data on our servers neither we have access to it.
Where can I download my copy of PhraseExpander?
Please go to the  download page to get your copy. The EXE file for the trial and the registered version is the same (the trial is transformed into the registered copy when entering the license key).
Is this a subscription service?
No. When you buy the license only once. There's no subscription and no recurring payments.
Will my license expire after one year?
Absolutely not. Once you have purchased your license of PhraseExpander, you will be able to use the software as long as you wish. When you purchase PhraseExpander, you automatically get one year of minor and major upgrades for FREE (so, you pay nothing for one year and get all the new version of the software completely free of charge). If, after one year, you want to continue receiving upgrades you can purchase the Upgrade Protection for a fraction of the cost of a new license and get one more year of free updates.
What's the upgrade protection?
The upgrade protection is a yearly package that gives you access to all upgrades that we release during the coverage period and support. When you purchase your license initially, you get 1 year of upgrade protection. Once that is passed, you can renew your upgrade protection to continue receiving updates and
My upgrade protection has expired. How can I renew it?
To renew your upgrade protection and get access to tech support and free upgrades for one more year, you can extend the  PhraseExpader Upgrade Protection.
I lost my license key. How can I retrieve it?
If you lost your license key, you can  retrieve it here by using the email address you used during the purchase. If you need special assistance, please  contact support.
How can I upgrade from PhraseExpander Standard to PhraseExpander Professional?
To upgrade to PhraseExpander Professional,  order the PhraseExpander Standard to Professional Upgrade.
Can I install the same license on my home PC, work PC and laptop?
PhraseExpander is licensed per user, and each machine needs a license. If you need to use PhraseExpander on your home PC, office PC, and laptop, we offer the Home & Office Pack (that you can select when completing the purchase) that allows you to install PhraseExpander on up to 3 PCs ( the same license key cannot be shared among different users). If PhraseExpander is used by more than one person, you need to buy a license for each user (we offer discounts for volume licensing). You can choose that option at checkout.
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