Phrases do not generate any text after migration from v4 to v5

After migration from v4 to v5, if the contents of a template are empty, no output is generated by the template (in v4, if the contents are empty, PhraseExpander used the description, if set).

You need to always assign content for each template (the description will be calculated automatically).

If the contents are empty, PhraseExpander prepends [EMPTY] -  to the description of the template, in the Suggestions window, to make it clear that the template doesn't contain any data.

Migrating data after v. (released on 17th April 2019)

When migrating from v4 to v5, PhraseExpander automatically fixes the issue by assigning the old description to the contents and things should work fine.

Just make sure, when you create new templates, that the contents of the template is always set.

Migrating data before v. (before the 17th April 2019)

In any version of PhraseExpander 5 before v., when upgrading the database from v4 to v5 the empty phrases were not converted properly.

To fix this, either reimport the database from v4 to v5 (ALL CHANGES YOU HAVE MADE IN PHRASEEXPANDER 5 WILL BE LOST) or get in touch with your customer care.

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