The Reload Database message is popping up multiple times a day

PhraseExpander allows you to share your database (PhraseExpanderData.pedb) that contains all your data between machines only if you are the only user and you shouldn't make changes to the templates on both machine at the same time.

So, if you change something on machine A, you'll get the Reload database message on machine B.

This system is meant for you to work on machine A, finish your work there, get to machine B, reload your data and continue.

WARNING: Do not share database between multiple users as this will result in data loss.

I'm getting reload messages even if you are not changing templates

That's possible because, if you have the Clipboard History active, whenever you are copying something in the Clipboard PhraseExpander stores that in the database, thus resulting in a change that shows the  Reload database popup

How to fix this

  1. Make sure you are not sharing the database with other people. Share glossaries instead
  2. If you are using the same database on multiple computers (not at the same time), try disabling the Clipboard History (by clicking on the green icon in the Glossary Pane) to reduce the number of popups
  3. Make sure you are not making changes to templates at the same time on both machines without doing a reload
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