PhraseExpander is not detecting keystrokes in Chrome or Edge

If PhraseExpander is not detecting the typed abbreviations in Chrome, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge but it's working fine in other applications, the main reason could be your antivirus.

The identity protection module of some antiviruses could interpret the PhraseExpander hook component (the one that detects what you are typing to show suggestions) as malware, thus blocking it.

To solve the problem, whitelist PhraseExpander in your antivirus or, if that's not enough, try and disable the Identity Protection module in your antivirus to see if things start working.

If you are using Webroot, please check this article.

If you are using ESET, disable the secure all browsers function.

If you are not able to make PhraseExpander work in the browser, please get in touch and we'll help you out.

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