Trigger your templates with the spacebar

PhraseExpander allows you to trigger your abbreviations by partially typing it (thanks to SmartComplete) and confirm it by pressing the SHIFT key.

This provides you with the following benefits:

  • No misfires of abbreviations as you need to confirm the abbreviation before you execute it
  • Save time as you don't need to remember or type the entire abbreviation in full (thanks to SmartComplete)

For the abbreviations that you are using more often, you can set the  Instant execution option, so they are triggered immediately after typing the abbreviation.

However, if you are moving from other text expansion software, and you are familiar with triggering your abbreviations by pressing the SPACE key, PhraseExpander supports that option as well.

To trigger your templates with the SPACE key


Click on File → Options → Suggestions and uncheck SmartComplete
This will prevent PhraseExpander from triggering the abbreviation when it's typed partially


Set the Confirm key to SPACE


Click on the Transcription tab and check Smart space
This will automatically add a space when required after confirming the abbreviation saving you an extra keystroke. Please check how Smart space works here.

Activate SmartSpace in the options


Click OK to save
Abbreviation will now be triggered only when typed in full and confirmed by pressing the SPACE key

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