Working with Remote Desktop applications or Citrix

When using PhraseExpander in an app via a remote desktop session, you might need to tweak PhraseExpander settings a bit if things are not working as expected.

A remote session adds an extra layer that can introduce delay and prevent PhraseExpander from working as expected.

Here we discuss the solutions for the most common problems.

Keystrokes are not detected in the remote session


If you are connecting via Remote Desktop, make sure the Remote session window is not set as full screen. When in full screen, Windows is not sending the keystrokes.


If you are using Citrix, make sure PhraseExpader is running in the same session of the target application

After the input form is filled-in, the text is not sent to the target application


Set PhraseExpander to always use the Clipboard to send texts in File → Options → General.
Direct typing (the default mode for short texts) may not be reliable in remote sessions.


In the Input Form, make sure the Target application (the application that will receive the generated text) is correct.


Especially with legacy applications, PhraseExpander cannot restore the focus to the original control and the text is not inserted. Click on the filed you want to paste the text into and type CTRL+V to insert the text.

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