How to trigger a phrase

 Once phrases are stored in PhraseExpander, you can trigger them in 3 different ways from any application.

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Trigger a phrase with its abbreviation

This is the most common method. 

To set it up, you need to associate an abbreviation to the phrase by typing it in the abbreviation text box.

When you type, PhraseExpander will display a little label near the cursor to remind you of the phrases associated with the letters you have typed.

There are two ways to set up the abbreviation:

  • With confirmation: after you have typed the abbreviation, you'll need to press SHIFT (or the chosen confirmation key) to insert the phrase.
  • Instant execution: when you can enable this option for the phrase (by clicking on the orange bolt icon), no confirmation key is required, and the phrase is triggered immediately after the last letter of the abbreviation is typed.

Trigger a phrase with its shortcut

You can assign a keyboard shortcut to a phrase, so it's triggered after typing a key sequence, for example, CTRL + SHIFT + F4

Trigger a phrase by selecting it from its group

  1. Assign an abbreviation (or shortcut) to a group to display all the phrases it contains. 
  2. Execute the phrase by typing the abbreviation of the group, selecting the desired phrase one by selecting, and confirm by pressing the SHIFT key.

Search for phrases via Quick Find

If you don't remember the abbreviation for a specific phrase or you want to search for all the phrases you have defined, you can use the Quick Find.


Open the Quick Find by pressing the ALT+ SPACE shortcut

Quick Find let's you quickly find any phrase


Type the text that you want to search

Search is performed in real time


Press SHIFT to enter the text in the active application

If you want to change the key combination used to trigger Quick Find, go to  File → Options → Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: you can use Quick Find to perform calculations are well. Simply type a math expression there (e.g. 4+5*3).

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